spring has sprung here in a big way. the forsythia are almost over, the magnolias are at their zenith and the other flowering trees are just hitting their stride. i love this time of year. there seem to be an extraordinary amount of daffodils in cleveland and they are intense this year. the warmer weather has prompted me to get some new, large houseplants including a schefflera and a ficus benjamina. this is in addition to the boxwood hedge i got a couple weeks ago and the herbs i have been getting started--these last will go into my sister's garden out in chagrin.

i'm having fun planning my trip to toronto with the man. we are going to have lunch at the top of the CN tower and take the aero-car ride across niagara on the way home. it should be fun! we are staying at b&b's in both locations, so it should also be romantic. it's our first time traveling together, but i think we both feel confident that we can do well with it.


i want to share my favorite blog i've been reading for quite a long time. this gentleman is from chicago (like me) and moved to nyc the same time as i did. although i don't think i ever met him, after some emailing back and forth it's clear we were at some of the same clubs on the same nights many moons ago (read: reagan was in his first term). i love reading his stuff!
well well well (three deep holes in the ground).... guess it has been awhile. i have been busy getting to know the man. we have developed a regular rhythm of time together and it feels oh-so right. i am certain now that he is "the one" that i was meant to find. funny that it took coming to cleveland to find him. i have to believe that we both needed all the preparation of the last 40+ years apart in order to be together now.

i am loving cleveland! it's still exciting as there are so many things to do and see that are new to me. plus, i am going to toronto next month, as well as niagara. i can't wait!
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