the desktop meme

so now you all know what my desktop looks like. it was a practice shot i took with my new digital camera of the living room rug.

now let's see yours!


power and courage

last night i went to see brokeback mountain for the second time in 5 days. it is a beautiful, heart-wrenching film. it deserves all of the praise that it has garnered in the past months. ang lee has taken an incredible story and turned it into an amazing experience. this is one that needs to be seen on the big screen. a special mention should go to michelle williams, whose portrayal of alma del mar is truly outstanding. the other performance i really loved was roberta maxwell as jack's mother. although she has only three lines, she evokes a huge dose of sadness and grace.

but all of that is not the real reason for this post. when i got home, i ran across the link to a video podcast that puts all of these "performances" in their place. it is a story so personal and courageous that it humbles me. i applaud this young man and what he is doing by "breaking down, through, up, out and away." go and see for yourself...

secret simon
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